How Does it Work?


Forex The foreign exchange market (forex, FX, or currency market) is the "place" where currencies are traded.


I carefully developed Trading robot for analyzing EUR/USD currency pair and preparing analysis for every trading day.


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Who am I?

Marian Schutz

My name is Marián Schütz, I am a .NET programmer with an interest in FOREX trading since 2006. Both are also my hobbies so I decided to merge these two interests together in one project – and www.MyForexAnalysis.com is the result of my efforts.

I'm dedicated to creating an honest service without hiding my losses so that you can fully understand how uncompromising and brutal the FOREX market can be. The service is for free because as I already stated before, this poject is my hobby.

What is MyForexAnalysis.com?

Come every trading day at 9am UTC for a fresh analysis from the FOREX market. Learn from my successes and mistakes, discuss the chosen positions with other traders and broaden your trading experience.

Why MyForexAnalysis.com?

You're probably wondering what sets this website apart from countless others analyzing the same subject. MyForexAnalysis.com delivers only practical and useful pieces of advice rather than investment theory.

Each analysis focuses on EUR/USD currency pair with fixed SL / TP points and you can therefore easily determine whether I made the right decision or not. Results are always available the next day at 9 am UTC (right after I publish another analysis).

All analyses are archived and you can look into my work even after several months and retrospectively compare it with market trends. I'll gladly admit my mistakes and will try to identify why I made them – and of course, expect appropriate levels of pride if I reach the Target Profit. I will make brief comments to shed some light on my thought processes, but it's hardly a surprise I do not plan to disclose my entire know-how.

There's also a room for discussion below every piece I publish. Use it as an opportunity to compare my work with your own or that of other FOREX traders and expand your investment horizons by hearing different opinions.

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I really appreciate your honesty in analyses results!

Michal, Czech Republic

I spent much money for similar Forex services without success. I am happy that I found this site.

Jitty, Dubai

Thanks for this excelent service, your analysis helps me improve my trading - now I am gaining more pips than ever before. I can't belive that it's free, and hope that always be!

Brano, Slovakia

Clear and simple site with everything what I need for trading. Possibility to check performance is great advantage.

Thomas, France